The Future of the mobile life cycle.

We'd like to welcome you to the beginning of a new era in the mobile life cycle industry

SAMPHONE specializes in the sale of new and refurbished mobile devices around the world.
The team consists of experts with many years of experience in the field of telecommunications and the sale of products and services. At the beginning, SAMPHONE worked closely with small and medium-sized businesses. In recent years, with strong growth, we have grown strongly and opened up to the global market.
The success of our company lies in the hard work of the team and in an association of knowledge and experience, which propels SAMPHONE to the rank of the leaders of the industry.


Based in Canada, SAMPHONE is a leader in the sale of refurbished phones worldwide. Through our suppliers, we offer a diverse range of electronic devices in every corner of the world.


As a result of the continued development of smart devices and consumer needs, SAMPHONE is constantly investing in softwares and applications to optimize business processes.


We have a real concern for the preservation of the planet, hence our specialization in refurbished electronic mobile devices. For each product used, SAMPHONE makes sure to be as green as possible in the choice of materials. 

We Use Technology To Provide Best-In-Class Products And Service To Our Customers

With a diversified customer base located in all corners of the Globe, SAMPHONE has developed an application system to offer the most in-demand products, even rarer ones and to respond in a timely manner to the various requirements of the consumer, to the biggest retailers.


The development of new software as well as the use of various applications to stay connected, helps us constantly to position ourselves among the best in the industry.

Customer Service

For a quality service, SAMPHONE makes sure to select the best suppliers, develop state-of-the-art verification procedures to satisfy and retain customers.

Testing & Grading

Our technicians evaluate the devices through a series of tests, to ensure proper operation and graduation according to industry standards.


The pricing of our devices usually depends on the state of the device. However we offer a range of very competitive and better prices on the market.



We deal with a selected range of best refurbished mobile devices suppliers. At the arrival of the devices, they are tagged and prepared for testing.


After testing process, the mobile devices are classified esthetically in to three categories, grade A, B and C. This classification allows us to offer the best quality/price ration in the market

After-Sales Services

We offer a customer service that responds 24h/7. We also offer a warranty of 3 months to 1 year depending on the mobile device. 


Once received by our technicians, each mobile device is tested with sophisticated technology to detect invisible anomalies and discard those not meeting the industry standards and keep only the working devices.


At this stage, the mobiles devices are entrusted to our teams of professional cleaners, whom use eco-friendly products. subsequently securely packaged to prevent damage during shipping.

SAMPHONE takes care of the needs of everyone: from the consumer of mobile devices to the largest retailer in the industry. We always have the challenge to give full satisfaction.
Our expertise and know-how are available to our customers to ensure a service and enjoyable use of our mobile devices.


Knowing the importance of our work with users and in order to best meet their needs, we are always listening to and looking for new technologies. We integrate several marketplace, available worldwide to reach the largest number and we ensure to offer the best in terms of quality and price, always remaining competitive.


The partnership with several retailers has allowed us to realize the challenge of many of them around the world. The requests being varied, it becomes a real challenge for B2B to always meet the demand. SAMPHONE becomes the solution to theirs various concerns and always guarantees the availability of products, no matter the quantity and the destination.

  • Montréal, QC, Canada